XANGO Mangosteen Juice


XANGO Mangosteen Juice

XANGO® Juice is the nectar of health you’ve been waiting for. Or at least it’s the best way to get your daily dose of xanthones. What’s a xanthone? So glad you asked. Those little guys, the partial namesake to XANGO, are what’s making your respiratory health, immune health, intestinal health, joint health—and just overall health—better every day.* It might seem like a tall order for just one organic compound, but fortunately, there are 40 different types of xanthones found in the mangosteen. And each bottle of XANGO Juice—including our prestigious XANGO Reserva brand—contains proprietary, pureed mangosteen fruit. And yes, it’s pretty delicious, too.

Our Family’s Experience With Xango Mangosteen Juice

Our family has been drinking mangosteen juice for quite a few years now. Like many of the super health products on the market today, it is not possible to know for sure how well the product works. Unless, of course, you have some disease or sickness and by taking a given product, you can trace the fact that it helped you get better back to that product.

The problem with our family is that we are all pretty healthy and the only thing we have noticed about the mangosteen juice is that we just don’t get sick very often. When we feel like we are getting a cold, we double and triple up our dosages of the juice and either we don’t get the cold or it is very mild. Everyone in our family would tell you that this product keeps us healthier. My daughter says that she always feels better when she drinks it regularly.

Okay, you can find it cheaper from other sources. They had this juice at Costco and I bought a bottle to try it. I could not drink it because it tasted so horrible. The thing about the Xango mangosteen juice is that it tastes very good. If something doesn’t taste good, I just won’t drink it.

Yes, the Xango company is a multilevel marketing company which many people will say makes their products more expensive. From my way of thinking, I don’t care if it is a little more expensive because it keeps my family healthy and like I said it tastes good.

I become a distributor for the multilevel marketing companies in order to get it at the cheapest price possible. I do not “do the business”. I am, however, very interested in informing people about products that keep people healthy which is why I am putting this information on my website. It is up to you to make the decision by yourself whether you are interested in buying this juice. That being said, if you think you would like to use this mangosteen juice, please consider buying it through me. Call me or email me to order.

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