Wisdom and/or Inspiration from Other Sources

Wisdom and/or Inspiration from Other Sources

Wisdom and/or Inspiration by Neale Walsch     

Thoughts of the Day by Swami Ramdas

Written By Mother Teresa

Personal Laws   

Thoughts about 9/11/01 by the Dali Lama     

A Beautiful Angel Story 

Choose How To Start Your Day Tomorrow

Things We Can Learn From Our Dogs          

Instructions For Life By the Dali Lama

If I Had My Life To Live Over by Erma Bombeck   

Today By Deepak Chopra                    

What are Friends For                    

Tips For Life

The Four Agreements

Lessons of Life

Thanksgiving Thoughts                              

Symptoms Of Inner Peace by Saskia Davis

Statements of Wisdom     

Did God Create Evil?

You Can Choose To Be In A Good Mood                         

A Full Life                                        

About John Wooden, A Great Coach

A  Man and his Dog                                   

Seven Wonders of the World     

The Sandpiper by Robert Peterson               

The Room     

An Assignment to Help One be Happier                              

Character Strengths and Virtues by Martin E. P. Seligman