Winning in Baseball and Business, a book by Earl Bell

Earl Bell 2I seem to know more and more people who have written books that help companies achieve success and Earl Bell is one of them. His book, Winning In Baseball and Business is amazingly thorough and is fun to read as he uses a lot of his baseball coaching experiences. He guides you though steps that make it so easy to turn your company into one where your employees want to stay with your company and are happy to be a part of such of a successful company.

And, again, it is too bad I don’t either work for a company or am an executive of one because if I did, not only would I buy and read (don’t forget the read part) Earl’s book, Winning In Baseball and Business but I would hire him to make sure my company followed his ideas.

OK, you say what does David know about running a company and I would say not much first hand knowledge, but I don’t want you to believe me. Just get Earl’s book and see for yourself. I think you will be impressed by Earl’s insights into how to make your company successful beyond even your dreams.

Learn more about Earl Bell and his book.

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