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Why Don’t other Tennis Players Play Like Federer?

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Here is what I don’t understand. Roger Federer is definitely, in my opinion, the greatest player the world has ever seen. Maybe he is over the top and will not win another major tournament, but that doesn’t change the fact that he has broken just about every record out there. In order to do this, he would also have to be pretty darn mentally tough, don’t you think? So, you would think that when someone is that good more players would try to do what he does.

The big question I have is,” Why is it that all the other players don’t do what he does?”

Could it be because they don’t understand what he does or is it because they don’t know how to do it?

Let’s look at some of the things he is doing. He sees the ball much better than anyone else. That may be debatable but without doubt, he follows the ball all the way to his racket better than anyone else. You can see this as his eyes seems to be focused on the hitting point longer than anyone else. This takes a great deal of practice and lots of letting go of “other things.”

Then let’s take a look at his face. Most of the time Roger’s faced is very relaxed. The only time you will see a facial expression change from Roger is when he is serving. Do you see other player’s faces being relaxed? Okay, I admit I haven’t seen every player out there but all the players I have seen do not have as relaxed a face as Roger. Just take a look at the pictures in any tennis magazine and you will see quite a variety of facial expressions as the players hit the ball.

If you just did those two things you would experience a huge difference in how well you played.

I guess it is possible that players really know what Roger does but simply can’t do it. That is where my book Playing Zen-Sational Tennis comes into play. It will give you the very specific techniques to help you do what Federer does as well as helping you be more mentally tough when you play your tennis matches.

 Prove me wrong. Go check out these tennis mental game techniques! At the very least, get the 5 absolutely free critical Core Principles that pretty much explain everything. In addition, I will throw in a free evaluation of your tennis game.

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