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What Is The “Other Than Conscious Mind”

Pure Performance SportsIn my tennis book, Playing Zen-Sational Tennis I refer to the “other than conscious mind”. So what is it, how do we use it, and what do we need to know about it.

I stole the name “other than conscious mind” from Dave Dobson, who was an incredible master of NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) as I think it explains better what is going on.

The other than conscious mind is that part of the mind that controls all the organs, muscles, and all the other things that go on in the body automatically and is out of our awareness. It also includes the subconscious mind and the ego mind. Since the mind is what controls everything in the body, every part of the mind you are not conscious of is what Dave Dobson called the ‘other”.

Please don’t get too caught up in thinking that you have to really understand all this mind stuff. Just use it as a tool to understand how to get your conscious mind out of the way and let the other part of your mind control your body and to let it learn how to hit the ball into the court.

Without going into a big description, think about when you walk. Your conscious mind determines where you want to walk but you don’t think about walking and how your legs move etc. You just walk. That is the way tennis should be played.

If you haven’t already, you must read Tim Gallwey’s book The Inner Game of Tennis. He goes into great detail about the different minds. In his book he calls it Self One and Self Two but it is pretty much the same as what I am talking about.

Also, Ron Waite’s e-book will help you to understand this relationship between the different parts of the mind. This e-book is only $10 and it will help you more than just the mind explanation. Here is the link.

I do not go into all this in my book because Tim writes about it so much better than I ever could which is why I recommend it to all players who really are into the mental game.

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