Today By Deepak Chopra

Today By Deepak Chopra

Today I will judge nothing that occurs

Today I will ask how can I serve and how can I help all
           those I come into contact with

Today I will practice silence sometime during the day

Today I will commune with nature and to silently witness
           the intelligence  within every living thing

Today I will silently send everyone I meet a  blessing,
           wishing them happiness, joy, and  laughter

Today I will gratefully receive all the gifts that life has
           to offer

Today I will witness the choices I make in each moment
           whenever I make a choice I will  ask  myself
           “will this choice that I am  making now bring
           happiness to me and to those  around me”

Today I will accept people, situations, circumstances,
           and events as they occur

Today I will feel no need to convince or persuade
           others to accept my point of view

Today I will accept the present as it is, and manifest
           the future through my deepest, most
           cherished  intentions and desires

Today I will commit myself to detachment and I will
           allow  myself and those around me the
           freedom to be as they are

Today I will step into the field of all possibilities and
           anticipate the excitement that can occur
           when I remain open to an infinity of choices.

Today, Lord, let my life be a prayer,

Let me be so close to you that you become a part of my every conversation.

Let me be open to your presence so that I sense your power at work  in the world you created.

Let me be so filled with your love, it flows out to others.

Today, Lord, today let my life be a prayer.