The E-mail Baseball Course

The Course On The Mental Game of Baseball

Free with the purchase of my Book, Playing Zen-Sational Baseball.

Learning the mental part of playing baseball is a process and being the compulsive instructor that I am, I really want you to get this and then do it.

This course is the most comprehensive course you will find and it contains information that you will not find anywhere else.

You can think of this course like when you take a college course. The two main differences are that you don’t have to attend class and you will get an A if you just complete the course.

Like any college course, you need to buy a text book. This is why you have to have my book.

Then I will have you work on a Lesson every week. Much of these lessons will be right out of the book with some additional perspective. Some of the lessons in my book will not be in these lessons.

So every week when you get another lesson, you will have that week to work on it and think about the lesson. Hopefully you won’t feel like you are overloaded with too much to do all at once. When this information is spread out over time, you will learn it better.

There are 26 lessons which will take you over  six months to get through them all. Then all you need to do is to e-mail me that you want to continue getting them and I will start your lessons over again from the beginning. And you can start over at no additional fee.

You won’t be able to get such valuable information on playing baseball anywhere else.

Here is something else that you won’t get anywhere else. Anytime (and I do mean anytime) that you don’t like the lessons or the info in my book, you keep the book and I will refund you all of your money. How can you beat that?

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