The Accelerated Approach to Business Success and Freedom

The Accelerated Approach to Business Success and Freedom

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re really good at what you do and that’s why you went into business to start with. But there’s a lot more to being successful in business than delivering a great product and service. Those other areas may be blind spots for you. And getting all the parts of your business that are critical to your success may be an elusive pursuit. And, that’s where we can help.

This is the core approach we take to building a solid value-based business:

  • FOCUS first on what is most important for you to accomplish with your business, your work, and your life.
  • Capitalize on the strength of your STRENGTHS. as they are impacted by the strength of your BLOCKERS. When it comes to how you think, make decisions, and take action, it’s vital to understand the impact of the strength of your blockers on the strength of your strengths. We call this “Net Talent.” Understanding and tapping into your Net Talent gives you a supercharged approach to integrating the appropriate strategies, structure, systems, skills, and support you need to turn your great potential into great performance.
  • Implement STRATEGIES for marketing, leadership, logistical operations, and delivery of your products and services that are integrated and supportive of one another. In other words, these strategies feed off of and support one another.
  • Develop the business STRUCTURE (roles, systems, processes, procedures, etc.) that best allows you to focus on your two or three strongest core competencies. We coach you to delegate and outsource anything and everything else that is not one of your core competencies, even if you are accomplished at some of those things.
  • SYSTEMIZE all the processes and procedures that are the most critical to your success (revenue, profits, value, and personal satisfaction) so that the business can operate without you having to be involved in every minute detail (as entrepreneurs are inclined to do). It has been said that, “If you are the major cog in the wheel, you are also the major clog in the wheel.”
  • Cultivate and acquire the SKILLS needs to transform your business from high-potential to high-performance.
  • Develop internal and external SUPPORT structures to help you stay focused on your highest-purpose objectives, strategies, and action plan. It is widely known that a spacecraft headed to the moon is off-course at least 80% of the time; as humans headed towards a target, do you think we are any better than that?
  • Set up near-term and longer-term ACTION PLANS for each of the areas of your business that are most critical for building revenue, profits, value, and contribution.
  • Establish a structure of ACCOUNTABILITY so that you make sure you FOLLOW-THROUGH on your action items.
  • Finally, TRACK AND MEASURE your progress and results. Then, make course corrections along the way.

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