The 7 Critical and Foundational Basketball Lessons

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The 7 Critical and Foundational

Basketball Lessons

These lessons are meant to be read and practiced in the order presented. It would be ideal for you to spend at least one full practice session working on the concepts in Lesson #3, through Lesson #5.

I have given you three ways to access these lessons. One is a direct link to the lesson and another is a pdf file that you can download. Right click here to download the PDF file.

To make it easy for you to read these lessons, save this e-mail so you can read and re-read these lessons.

I will also e-mail you one of these lessons every week. This way you will be reminded to read and put into your practice the concepts that each lessons presents.

David’s Basketball Lesson #1 & #2: What is the Mental Game Anyway

David’s Basketball Lesson #3: An Unknown But Powerful Technique: Breathing

David’s Basketball Lesson #4: An Undervalued Technique: Holding the Follow Through

David’s Basketball Lesson #5: The Arc Of Your Shots

David’s Basketball Lesson #6: An Incredible Way To Improve Your Shooting

David’s Basketball Lesson #7: Become A Smarter Player

David’s Basketball Lesson #8: Watch Out For Your Ego Mind

David’s Information Lesson: Programs For Your Computer That You Won’t Want To Live Without

David’s Basketball Lesson: What’s Next