Tennis Mental Lesson #5

David’s Tennis Lesson #5:

The Mother Of All Tips

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Mother Of All Tips

(Well maybe only one of the children)

Holding the Follow Through

 Caution: This is not to be done in a match. Only in practice and warmup.

This is one of the “miracle” tips for improving your strokes as well as your consistency in hitting the ball into the court, but it will take some focus and concentration.

Here is what you are to do. Hold your follow through until you see your ball bounce on the other side of the net even if you miss the ball. In fact, it is even more critical to hold when you miss. You are not trying to follow through correctly or to make anything happen.

Holding your follow through means that your arm will come to an absolute stop. This is the key to this entire exercise.

When you are holding, pay attention to the location of your follow through and how relaxed you are.

While you are holding, this is the time you will relax your grip and arm maybe to the extreme.

You will also hold and relax your footwork.

As a bonus while doing this exercise, work on seeing the ball to your racket some of the time and some of the time work on your breathing.

This exercise has a lot of benefits. The foremost is that it will absolutely groove your stroke.

It will make you more consistent in hitting the balls in the court.

It will force you to learn how to be balanced with your footwork.

And, best of all it will help you break the pattern of reacting physically to your shot.

However, there are the things to watch out for when doing this exercise. One has a tendency to not hold the stroke when you miss so you must be very aware and allow yourself to hold even longer at these times. In addition, one has tendency to not allow the stroke to come to an absolute stop every time so you need to be aware of this. You will also need to be aware of whether you fall off balance when you are holding your footwork. If you find that you are off balance, it means that your legs are too tense so you will have to relax them until you can keep your balance.

The short version of this exercise is to just allow your arm and your footwork to come to a complete stop.

However, if you have difficulty with this then you will need to go back to holding until your ball bounces on the other side.

Let me tell you a story about how well this tip can work.

When I was at a tournament where my book was being sold, one of the players who bought my book asked me if I would give him “my famous test” on what seeing the ball really means in person. Since I love giving the test, I said sure. Well, he was one of the 2% who got the test correct, but his strokes were not very grooved. I told him that I wanted to show him the Mother of all Tips which I did. It took me about 10 minutes to get him to do this technique to my satisfaction.

He was still in the consolation mixed doubles with a partner who he had not met previously as the tournament had fixed him up with this partner. After his match, his partner said to him, “What happened to your game? You improved 1000%!”

Now, I think she must have exaggerated a little, but it gives you an idea as to how powerful this technique can be. And in only 10 minutes.

This technique is not to be used in match play. It is to be used when you warm up and practice.

However, if you want to use it in a game situation, then you can do it but only if you truly make it ok to miss more balls and you make it OK to sometimes not be ready for the return ball.

Remember, this is to help you groove your strokes and not necessarily to maximize your play. However, you just might find yourself playing hugely better.

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