Links to Special Tennis Books and Web Sites

Links to Special Tennis Books and Web Sites


Tennis Fitness

Tennis Fitness Love – A mindful approach to tennis fitness, for the love of it. An educational website with articles and information how to improve your tennis-specific fitness and play tennis at higher levels, at any age and without injuries. Check out Suzanna’s new book Tennis Fitness For the Love of It here.

Tennis Holidays -5 Star Tennis Holidays specialize in arranging tennis holidays and breaks for families, couples, singles, tennis clubs, schools, teams, ladies groups and organizations to the world renowned 5 star Vale do Lobo resort on the Algarve in Portugal.

Tennis Server Website – this site is the only tennis site that has a lot of articles on the mental game of tennis. I highly recommend that you go there and read all these articles. Also, you might want to subscribe to their (free) newsletter so you won’t miss the new articles that are written on the mental game.

David Smith

David Smith has written two very impressive books. His first book is called Tennis Mastery, Advance Beyond the 3.5 Level. It is probably the most complete guide to learning, developing and mastering the sport of tennis out there.

His second book is called Coaching Mastery, The Ultimate Blueprint for Tennis Coaches, Tennis Parents, and Tennis Teaching professionals. If you are a coach, you will learn how to attract players to your programs, develop sustainable programs, and build championship teams. If you are a parent, you also will find this book indispensable.

Even if you are not a coach, this book will give you a great deal of terrific info on the game and how to play it. Who is David Smith? Go to his web sites and to find out or order his books.

Tennis At The Net

“Tennis At The Net” is Your online Tennis Club located in England, featuring tennis articles, monthly tennis news, instruction for beginners and advanced players, tennis drills for players and coaches, making your job easier, books, tennis racquets and balls. Everything for the discerning player and tennis teacher.

Watch Live Tennis – Watch all the Grand Slams and lots more tennis action on the internet at, your source for the most comprehensive tennis live streaming on the net. With a subscription to you will enjoy instant access to tennis live video for each and every major tournament and tennis event.

As a result you can enjoy the luxury of being able to watch tennis live directly from your PC or laptop each and every week. The service is especially useful if you do not have access to television while at work or on the road and would like to watch a live tennis match. This will no longer be the case with the streaming live tv feeds that come with your membership.

Mental Toughness Training for Sports

Loehr (Mental Toughness Training for Sports), who has helped train athletes for sports ranging from tennis to hockey, here concentrates on the emotional element of training, pointing out that toughness has nothing to do with the reputed killer instinct or insensitivity of the athlete. Rather, he believes that toughness depends on emotional flexibility, responsiveness and strength, and demonstrates itself in an athlete’s ability to perform consistently in the upper ranges of his or her skill. Loehr discusses in detail the problems of stress, innate in any competitive endeavor, and recovery from it. Striking a balance between stress and recovery, he maintains, is a constant must-win battle. The text is supplemented by self-analysis charts and questionnaires. This book should help nearly any athlete at any level.

The New Toughness Training for Sports: Mental Emotional Physical Conditioning from One of the World’s Premier Sports Psychologists
James E. Loehr

How-2-Tennis – Improve your tennis game with tennis drills, equipment reviews, tactics and in depth explanations on how to play tennis. Achieve a winning tennis game and begin maximizing on your tennis game today.