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Basketball Instructor in Bellingham, WA

If you want to improve your basketball shooting, be more confident when you shoot, or just be more mentally tough, then I can help. Using the principles, concepts, and tools that I teach and are found in my book, Becoming a Zen-Sational Basketball Shooter will be very important for you to learn. You will have […]

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Three Mistakes Basketball Shooters Make

by David Ranney Big Mistake #3, #2: NOT USING THE CORRECT TECHNIQUE Okay, I lied. There is just one mistake here but you get to choose the one solution that you like best. For some reason or other, most basketball shooters don’t seem to be very interested in discovering powerful and better ways to shoot. […]

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Playing in a Zen State

As you may know, I have published 3 books dealing with Zen tennis, Zen baseball and Zen basketball. So, what is this Zen stuff all about? The word Zen is from the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese word Chán (?), which can be approximately translated as “meditation” or “meditative state.” OK, everyone knows you must […]

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