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Playing Tennis in the Zone: How Do You Get There?

It’s been said by just about everyone that tennis is a mental game. So in order to play your best, your mind and body must be connected properly. Just as your body alternates between action and rest, your mind has an active and inactive component. Here I will discuss how to play the mental game […]

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Tennis Instructor In Anacortes, WA

Through his books and his coaching, David Ranney guides tennis players to a place where they learn to play up to their potential. With coaching the boys and girls tennis teams at Anacortes High School to doing Peak Performance Seminars private lessons and holding tennis camps in the summer, David’s passionate approach has his students […]

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What Is The “Other Than Conscious Mind”

In my tennis book, Playing Zen-Sational Tennis I refer to the “other than conscious mind”. So what is it, how do we use it, and what do we need to know about it. I stole the name “other than conscious mind” from Dave Dobson, who was an incredible master of NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) as […]

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