Links to Special Baseball Resources

Links To Special Baseball Resources


Below are the books and Links on baseball that I believe to be valuable for you to read and learn from.

41pSrBzymCL._SL160_Tim Gallwey’s “The Inner Game of Tennis – My Bible on the mental game. Possible the best book ever written on sports psychology. A must read.

Mental Game of BaseballThe Mental Game of Baseball by H.A. Dorfman & Karl Kuehl. This book compliments my
e-book and gives you more info to facilitate improving your game. It is an absolute must if you are really serious about improving. Go to to order it.

Play big

Dr. Tom Hanson

Heads-Up Performance, Inc.

12852 Big Sur Drive

Tampa, FL 33625


Quantum Golf_Quantum Golf: The Path to Golf Mastery (Paperback) by Kjell Enhager – An absolute must if you play golf and will even help your tennis game. This is the book on Golf that I would have written if I know enough about golf.