Sell Your Stuff Online

Sell Your Stuff Online

Howard Howell will help you generate traffic with Web Marketing Services at a budget you can afford, including Website Maintenance Tasks i.e.: website development, backups, security, and updates. You can rest assured 24/7 that your online presence is being managed regularly and professionally.

  • Marketing is attracting prospective customers that want what you have …
  • Selling is helping prospective customers get what they need and want …
  • Webarketing™ creates visibility, find-ability, engage-ability, and demand for what you have to offer !

Howard’s Web Marketing/Managing Services can provide a platform to inform prospective customers about what you provide and a method to engage and help them get what they want and need.

After defining your targeting strategy and marketing goals, Howard will help you choose keywords, create ad campaigns, and perform tasks to drive traffic and attain visibility for your brand. Howard will consult regularly to ensure we stay on track with your objectives.

Activities we may perform are: create necessary landing pages, perform posting services, manage your ad campaigns, and manage your website or blog on a monthly recurring basis.

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