Powerful Instruction For Playing the Mental Or Inner Game Of Tennis

Learn Powerful Techniques

For Playing the Mental

Or Inner Game Of Tennis

Use Your Mind & My Powerful Inner Game Lessons

To Improve your Tennis

Why Go Another Day

Missing Shots You Know You Should Make

And Losing Matches To People You Really Should Beat

When You Can Start Right Now

Using these incredible mental tennis tips and instruction.

Have You Experienced …

  • Frustration because you didn’t play better?
  • Anger when you missed a shot at a critical time?
  • Choking?
  • Not enjoying playing so much any more?
  • Giving away too many points when you have an easy shot?
  • Lack of Confidence in your game?
  • Negative attitudes?
  • Losing close matches?
  • Losing to people you think you are better than?
  • Missing shots over and over again and not know how to fix it on the spot?
  • Trying hard to play well and it doesn’t work? You keep missing shots?

Did You Answer Yes To Any Of These Questions?

If You Did, Isn’t It Time

To Do Something About These Issues?

Here Are Some More Questions

You May Want To Ask Yourself About Your Play

  • Are you getting the most out of your talent?
  • Are you able to transfer your talent into performing under pressure?
  • Do you know why the majority of athletes never reach their potential?
  • Do you really know how to hit the ball into the court or make more 1st serves and how to fix these on the spot?

Did You Answer No To Any Of These Questions?

Have You Ever Asked Yourself

“I wish I knew how to improve my consistency “

Up to now, you just hit, but how are you able to make the ball go into the court?

If you give me a chance, I will teach you the science behind hand and eye coordination.

In the meantime, let me do a complimentary, no obligation evaluation of your game. Just email me or call me to schedule a day and time. My email address is: david@pureperformancesports.com or phone me at 360-305-7084 anytime between 9AM and 9 PM Pacific time.

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