Playing Zen-Sational Baseball

Playing Zen-Sational BaseballZENBaseball (webSmall)

Use Your Mind And My Powerful Techniques

To Improve your

Hitting, Fielding, and Throwing

Why Go Another Day Not Being Able To Hit the Ball

And Striking Out Over and Over

When You Can Start Right Now

Learning A Better Way Of Hitting?

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And What About These Issues?

Have You Experienced …

  • Frustration because you didn’t play better?
  • Anger when you struck out at a critical time?
  • Choking?
  • Lack of Confidence in your pitching or batting?
  • Negative attitudes?
  • Losing close games?
  • Losing to teams you think you are better than?
  • Striking out over and over again and not know how to get out of your slump?
  • Trying hard to play well and it doesn’t work? You keep missing balls, catches or throws?
  • Are you in a slump and don’t know how to get out?
  • Do you find yourself saying? “I wish I knew how to improve my batting”
  • Is your batting average lower than it should be? Even if it is really good, the specific techniques you will learn from me will make you a better batter. Do you know why I can say this? Because I am willing to bet that you don’t know how to make contact with the ball. Up to now, you just hit it, but how are you able to do it? I will teach you the science behind hand and eye coordination.

Did You Answer Yes To Any Of These Questions?

If You Did, Isn’t It Time

To Do Something About These Issues?


Here Are Some More Questions

You May Want To Ask Yourself About Your Play

  • Are you getting the most out of your talent?
  • Are you able to transfer your talent into performing under pressure?
  • Do you know why the majority of athletes never reach their potential?
  • If you are a pitcher, do you have proven techniques that will increase your consistency and accuracy? Even if you are not a pitcher, the techniques I will show you will improve your throws.
  • And, how about your fielding? Do you really know how to catch the ball? Yes, I know that you may be pretty good, but do you really know any techniques that will really cut down on your errors?

Did You Answer No To Any Of These Questions?

Have You Ever Asked Yourself

“I Wish I Knew How To Improve These Issues?”

Up to now, you just bat, catch and throw the best you can, but how are you able to make make more hits, throw with more accuracy and field with fewer errors?

If you will let me, I will teach you the science behind hand and eye coordination.

We can start by scheduling a complimentary, no obligation evaluation of your game. Just email me or call me to schedule a day and time. My email address is: or phone me at 360-305-7084 anytime between 9AM and 9 PM Pacific time.

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