Playing in a Zen State

As you may know, I have published 3 books dealing with Zen tennis, Zen baseball and Zen basketball.

Playing Zen Tennis, Zen Basektball, Zen BaseballSo, what is this Zen stuff all about? The word Zen is from the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese word Chán (?), which can be approximately translated as “meditation” or “meditative state.”

OK, everyone knows you must get into this “meditative state” or “zone state” in order to play really well. You also hear a lot of players say that they need to focus well when they play. Unfortunately, these players don’t know the very specific things to actually meditate on, focus on, or what to think about when they play.

Some of these Zen principles are:

•    Being in the present moment
•    Non-judgment
•    Awareness
•    Enhanced focus
•    Letting your body movement flow

 These principles are centuries old ideas and when utilized will lead to peak performances.

No, you don’t have to go to India, Japan or China and sit in a cave to learn to meditate or what to focus on because I give you everything you need to do and know in my books, Playing Zen-Sational Tennis, Becoming a Zen-Sational Basketball Shooter, and Playing Zen-Sational Baseball.

I have reduced the prices of all my books by about 25% and if you purchase any of my books before Feb 28, I will take off another 10%. Just use the coupon code “TAKE 10% OFF

Don’t you think it is time to get going on exploring a better way to play? And, by learning to focus on the right things you will find your performance improving very rapidly. I guarantee it.

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