As you may know, pickle ball is the fastest growing sport in America. If you are a tennis player and have played pickle ball, you know that many of the same issues one has in tennis will apply to pickle ball.

And I am sure you were able to pick up the game of pickle ball very quickly because it is so similar to tennis. To that end, I have written a short booklet called:

6 Effective Techniques For Playing Great Pickleball

You will find these core principles in both my tennis books and if you had read either of my tennis books these core principles won’t be new for you but they have been designed specifically for playing pickle ball.

If you are not a tennis player and started to play pickle ball, this booklet is an absolute must as it gives you some very powerful techniques to help you play your very best when playing pickle ball. You will not get these techniques anywhere else even though there are many many YouTube videos and instruction videos on pickle ball.

To get a copy of this booklet, just click on the button below and when I get your email address, I will send it to you. And as with all of my books, it is completely guaranteed. If you do not find it valuable, just send me an email and with no questions asked I will refund your purchase. And this is a lifetime guarantee.

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