Want Your Life To Change? Embrace God!

Want Your Life To Change? Embrace God!

by Neale Walsch

The reason that many people do not have the lives they want is that they do not let God in. They think that they have a relationship with God, they believe in God and even pray now and then, but they have not truly embraced God as part of their daily lives.

What does embracing God look like? It looks like really wrapping your arms around God and welcoming Him in to your moment-to-moment experience. It means making Her a part of that experience by inviting Her to co-create it with you.

Embracing God means hugging God close. It means letting very little space come between you. It means getting up with God in the morning, and going to bed with God at night. It means being as close to God as you would be with a lover. Because God is a lover-the greatest lover of all time.

Is it possible to have that kind of relationship with God? Yes. It’s the kind of relationship where you tell God everything, and God tells you everything. Where you hold each other close in your hearts. Where you literally make love.

Wouldn’t that be a great way to spend time? I mean, wouldn’t it be great to spend most of your time making love? That’s what God does. In fact, that’s all that God does. All that God does is make love. She doesn’t know how to make anything else.

What are you making these days? What are you making of yourself? What you are making of your life? Are you making out? Are you making believe? Are you making hay? Are you making mistakes? What are you making?

If you wanted to, you could be making love. Wherever you go, whoever you’re with, whatever you do, you could be making love. And you will be, if you are always, in every moment, embracing God. Because God is love, and it is impossible to embrace God in your life without bringing love to your life. Then you’ll have plenty of love to give others.

So truly embrace God in your life. Make room for God. Make time for God. Spend a minute each morning. Join together each night. Walk together all day. Keep God in your mind and in your heart with everything you think and say and do. Talk to God a lot. She likes that. Listen to God carefully. He likes that, too. Have your own private conversations with God. Ask about anything. Anything. Ask for help, ask for guidance, ask for counsel and advice, courage and strength, a humorous outlook, a new insight…anything. You’ll never hear “no” from God.

 Embracing God means simply bringing God close. It means making God a close-in part of your life. It means giving God a hug every day-and getting a hug back.

How? Make someone smile. Their smile is God’s hug back.