Using God

Using God

For most people the idea of being used feels terrible.

Why, “that person is just using me!” is about the worst thing that could be said about another.  Yet that is exactly what God would like to say about you.

Can you believe that?

It’s true.

God wants us to use Him. He wants us to call upon Him at every turn, and to use the power which is His-the power which He is-to produce results in our lives.

There is no point in having all the power in the Universe at your fingertips if you are not going to utilize it. And that is exactly where God is. Right at our fingertips.

Indeed, God is our fingertips. That is, there is no separation between us and God. We are a part of God. God is a part of us.

This means that the power of God is not simply ours to use, it is Who We Are. We are the power of God. God has placed Her power within us, as part of us.

This Power that God is is the energy of life. It is life itself, and the energy that creates it. We can learn to use this pure energy with consistent and predictable results. That is God’s promise to us. That is our covenant. Even before you ask, God has said, ” I will have answered.”

What using God looks like is, first, understanding the power that God is, and, second, applying that power in particular ways in every day life.

The power that God is is the power that creates. Anything can be created with the power of God. The power of God can move mountains. It can heal the sick, and bring the dead back to life. It can change everything that you might think would be unchangeable.

This means that you can create using this power. In fact, you are doing so every day, usually without knowing it. Most of the creation that is going on in your life is going  on unconsciously. Thoughts, words, and deeds are the three tools of creation. These are the tools God has given us with which to use the power that God is.

What you think, you create. What you say, you create. What you do, you create.

As Conversations with God says, “Every act is an act of self-definition.” You are in the constant process of defining yourself, and you are doing it with everything you think, say, and do.

The trick is to think, speak and act consciously. That is, with full awareness. When you do that, you are using God.

God invites you to call forth from the Universe the results that you choose. To the degree that you have complete faith that those results will be forthcoming, to that degree they will.

Unless they won’t.

For this is the Divine Dichotomy: All things happen as you choose for them to happen-and sometimes it can appear as if they do not. That is because you have made your choice at a higher level than that of which you are consciously aware.

It is for us, therefore, to walk in faith that our wishes will be fulfilled, and then to see the perfection of everything that is happening, exactly as it is happening-even if our wishes are not being fulfilled.

All true Masters understand this. They understand that at some level, they are creating it all. And so they are grateful for it all. From such understanding comes peace.