Are you listening?

Are you listening?

You, too, can have a dialogue with God

Over and over again CwG makes the assertion that everyone may have a conversation with God.

There is nothing insane about hearing God talk to you.

Do not go to bed thinking you are crazy if you imagine that God has spoken directly to you, or that you are receiving communications directly from God in some other way. If you think you are, you probably are.

CwG, Book 1 says: This is the root of every problem you experience in your life–for you do not consider yourself worthy enough to be spoken to by God. Good heavens, how can you ever expect to hear My voice if you don’t imagine yourself deserving enough to even be spoken to?

Do not buy into the world’s assessment that you are not worthy of hearing from God directly.

This week, practice actually talking to God. Each night before retiring, take out a pad of paper and a pen and write down a question about your life on which you would like Gods guidance or input.

In the morning, just after awakening and before you do anything else, reach for the pen and paper and write down the first thing that comes to you after re-reading the question.

Do not try to think this answer. Simply write whatever comes to you. As soon as you start thinking about it, put the pen down. The first few times you do this you may only get a word or a phrase down before your Mind begins getting in the way.  The more you do this, however, the less that will happen.

Try it! God will be there to help you.