Peace and Love, My Spiritual Website

Want an operating manual for life? Interested in a terrific concept of God that you won’t get from any religion? Is your life working the way you want? If not, maybe you need to get onto a new path.

Do you want or need some inspiration in your life? How about some humor? On my spiritual website will find it all.

Have you heard of the Conversation With God books by Neil Walsh? If you have read any of them you already have learned about a terrific way of being. A way of being that will lead you to an incredibly great life.

My spiritual website is based a lot on what he has learned from his conversations with God. You don’t even need to read all of his books.

When my kids were younger and I wanted them to learn about the things God was telling Neil, I wrote out questions and answers for them. That way they would get a great deal of the teachings without having to read all the way through all the books. You can get these questions and answers on my web site.

I have also included a lot of articles written by Neil Walsh on different subjects as well as inspirational articles by a variety of what I call highly spiritual people. And like I said there is a section of some of the funniest things I have found from time to time as well as some prayers and some special spiritual books that I have found valuable. And I have some other websites that I feel are well worth your time especially if you are on the spiritual path.

There is a lot of content there so take a look if you’re so inclined.


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