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Links To Special Tennis Resources


Links to Special Tennis Books and Websites

Below are the books on tennis, articles or on related subjects that I believe to be valuable for you to read and learn from.

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41pSrBzymCL._SL160_Tim Gallwey’s “The Inner Game of Tennis – My Bible on the mental game. Possible the best book ever written on sports psychology. A must read.

Tennis FitnessTennis Fitness For the Love of It – Suzanna McGee’s New Book on Tennis Fitness has it all. It is complete, easy to read and use and best of all it will get you in shape for tennis and keep you in shape using the most up to date concepts. Check out her web site for more fitness ideas.

Ron Waite’s e-book Perfect Tennis, 10 Steps to a Much Better Game. This e-book compliments my book and gives you easy and necessary steps for you to take to facilitate improving your game. Only $10.00 and it is an absolute must if you are really serious about improving. Go here to order.

Ron has written another part of his book just for my book owners and mini lesson subscribers. You can read it now at: rons_supplemental_article.

I hope you order and read Ron’s $10 e-book, but at the very least, please read his article and it is free.

51Jv827aaJL._SL160_TENNIS MASTERY: The Most Complete Guide to Learning, Developing and Mastering the Sport of Tennis The cornerstone of TENNIS MASTERY is David Smith’s “Advanced Foundation”… a learning progression that does not require specific changes in methodology for players to reach skilled levels of competitive play, yet allowing player evolution and creativity to emerge. This compelling book is a tennis best-seller and is gaining an ever-growing following among tennis enthusiasts.

Quantum Golf_Quantum Golf: The Path to Golf Mastery (Paperback) by Kjell Enhager – An absolute must if you play golf and will even help your tennis game. This is the book on Golf that I would have written if I know enough about golf.

The New Toughness Training for Sports: Mental Emotional Physical Conditioning from One of the World’s Premier Sports Psychologists

Loehr (Mental Toughness Training for Sports), who has helped train athletes for sports ranging from tennis to hockey, here concentrates on the emotional element of training, pointing out that toughness has nothing to do with the reputed killer instinct or insensitivity of the athlete. Rather, he believes that toughness depends on emotional flexibility, responsiveness and strength, and demonstrates itself in an athlete’s ability to perform consistently in the upper ranges of his or her skill. Loehr discusses in detail the problems of stress, innate in any competitive endeavor, and recovery from it. Striking a balance between stress and recovery, he maintains, is a constant must-win battle. The text is supplemented by self-analysis charts and questionnaires. This book should help nearly any athlete at any level.


Tennis Articles On the Mental Game

by Ron Waite

The articles selected below are ones that I especially like. However, Ron has written many more. Ron’s current article can be seen by going to this link on the web site. To read all his past articles, then click on the archives link . Don’t miss them.

These articles are copyrighted in 1998 by Ron Waite, all rights reserved. Questions and comments about these columns can be directed to Ron by electronic mail at

Ron Waite is a certified USPTA tennis instructor who took up the game of tennis at the age of 39. Frustrated with conventional tennis methods of instruction and the confusing data available on how to learn the game, Ron has sought to sift fact from fiction.

In his seven years of tennis, Ron has received USTA sectional ranking four years, has successfully coached several NCAA Division III men’s and women’s tennis teams to post season competition, and has competed in USTA National singles tournaments. Ron has trained at a number of tennis academies and with many of the game’s leading instructors.

In addition to his full-time work as a professor at Albertus Magnus College, Ron photographs ATP tour events for a variety of organizations and publications. The name of his column, TurboTennis, stems from his methods to decrease the amount of time it takes to learn and master the game of tennis.

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