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Is Your Basketball Game Actually Improving?

Is your basketball game actually improving? This is a good question, isn’t it? So, how do you know? Does your coach tell you or maybe your Dad says you are doing better. But, do they really know for sure? And, how much have you improved? How do you tell?

If you are a coach, how do you determine who should start or if your team is improving. How do you determine who you should recruit when you have two really players to choose between?

Well, there is a way to know for sure.

Have you ever heard of taking the normal stats and putting them into a formula which will then show you where you stand not only compared to yourself but compared to others? And when you look at these stats over a period of time, you will be able to see how much you have improved.

There are two points systems that I am going to tell you about.

 Danny Miles’ Point System

The first point system was developed by a coach named Danny Miles. He has coached for 38 years at Oregon Tech University where he accumulated 876 career wins which is 6th all-time on all collegiate levels. His team was a two Time National champion and two times he was a national coach of the year.

Without going into a huge amount of detail about how his point system is figured, you can go to and purchase Danny Miles Value Point System and A Daily Drills booklet. However, here I will give you the main formula for figuring the points his way and at the end of this article I will give you an easy way to calculate these points. Here is the formula:



2x(FG Missed)+FT Missed+2x(Fouls)+ 2x(Turnovers)

FG = Field Goals, FT = Free Throws

SCALE:                                COLLEGE (MENS)                WOMEN’S & HIGH SCHOOL

EXCELLENT:                             1.75+                                                    1.50+

VERY GOOD:                          1.50-1.74                                               1.25-1.49

GOOD:                                      1.25-1.49                                               1.00-1.24

FAIR:                                         1.00-1.24                                              0.75-0.99

NEEDS WORK:                      UNDER 1.00                                    UNDER 0.75


Chuck Randall’s Point System

The next point system was developed by a coach at Western Washington University named Chuck Randall.

Chuck was voted the Coach of the Century at Western Washington University as well as voted into their Hall of Fame. That pretty much says it all about what kind of basketball coach he was and about his record.

Chuck developed this point value system to help him determine not only who his starting 5 would be, but in recruiting players to his team. Although he did not follow his point value system 100% of the time, these stats were very important in helping him win games.

To learn a little more about Coach Randall, take a look at this video on YouTube.

And go to the web site,

Without going into a long technical description as to how all Chuck’s points are figured, I will give you the general ideas.

A player gets one point for the number of points scored with bonus points given if their shooting percentage is higher than 50% and have points taken away if the percentage is lower. The same is true for free throws except that the shooting percentage must be 75% or higher to get bonus points. Then you get 2X the number of Offensive rebounds, 1 point for every Defensive Rebound, 2X for Assists, 2X for blocks, and 2X for steals. You get points deducted for Personal Fouls, 2X for every Turn Over.

If the player has less than 10 minutes of play time, the stats per minute is meaningless and it will not be figured.

One thing that is different with Chuck’s point system is that you get two stats. One is the total stats and one is the stats per minute of play assuming, of course, that the player plays more than 10 minutes. By figuring the per minute stat, it gives you an indication of how you’re doing even if you don’t play as much as another player.

Remember I said earlier that I would give you an easy way to figure these stats. I have a program on my computer that computes the stats for you. I just have to enter the normal stats once and the computer compiles both Danny’s and Chuck’s points. I can’t put a sample print out because of the formatting of the printout, but if you would like to take a look at a sample, please contact me at

If you would like to have these stats figured for you, send me the normal stats that are compiled for you and I will send to you the first printout of the points for free. You can send me up to 5 other person’s stats so that you can compare yours to theirs or you can send me your stats from up to 5 games for comparison.

Send to

If you are a coach and would like to have the stats for your team after each game, I would only charge you $7.00 per game and you would get them e-mailed to you within 24 hours in most cases.

I am surprised as to how few coaches use some sort of unbiased point system to help determine how their players are doing. One doesn’t need to use these stats 100% for every decision, but I would think that having them would help with recruiting, determining who should start, and how much or if a player is improving.

This offer is going to be good only until the end of July. However, when you buy my book Becoming a Zen-Sational Basketball Shooter, you get this offer for free for any period of time.


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