Is The Mental Game Of Basketball For You?

Is The Mental Game Of Basketball For You?


Did You Know That

You Don’t Have To Think About Winning

In Order To Win?


Winning Will Take Care Of Itself!


What A Concept!

You Will Win

If Your Team Plays

Better Than Your Opponent In That Game.

Want To Know How Your Team Can Win Every Time?

Find a team of 2-year-olds to play and I guarantee that you will usually win. My approach to shooting a basketball will help you to shoot really well every time, but it will not guarantee that you will always play better than everyone, all the time.

And if you could just shoot better than you usually do and be able to “fix” your errors “on the spot,” guess what, you just may help your team to win more games.


So, Your Ultimate Goal Is (Or Should Be)

For You To Discover For Yourself

What You Need To Do To Shoot

Your Very Best Every Time You Play.

What? You Don’t Know How To Do This?

Well, You Have Come To The Right Place To Find Out.


By Not Worrying About Winning,

(Or Shooting For That Matter)

Your Whole Attitude Will Change. 

You will be more relaxed when you are shooting or at the free throw line. You will feel better about how you are playing in general and maybe you will even have more fun. This will, in turn, help your team win because you will be playing at a higher level. Even if your team doesn’t win, you will know that you played your best and your shooting will improve at a faster rate.

Here Is The Bad News

If you think winning is where it’s at and you can’t let go of trying to win or trying to do better, then these ideas are not for you.

Could It Be

That One Of The Reason You Are Reading This

Is Because You Don’t Like How Well You Are Shooting?

If You Don’t Like How Well You Are Shooting

Then You Need To Work Harder ,


Oh, you are doing that already and it isn’t working?

Well, maybe you need to take a look at your “mental game.


If You Like To Judge Yourself

and How Well You Are Playing

And Don’t Think You Need To Change Your Thinking,

These Ideas Are Not For You

And Will Not Work For You.


But, if you are open to another way of playing and begin to use the mental game techniques I give to you, you will surprise yourself on how really talented you are. Or I should say how talented your body is.

One Of The Most Important

And Critical Concepts Is Letting Go Of Judgments. 

I am not saying not to be aware of what is going on. I mean judgments as to whether you are doing good or bad or whether you are shooting well or making good plays. There are no bad plays. There are only plays that didn’t go the way you wanted them to go. Likewise, there are no good plays. There are only plays that went the way you wanted them to.

My Book Becoming a Zen-Sational Basketball Shooter Will Teach You

How To Fix Your Shooting Issues .

 Want To Improve At A Faster Rate?

Spending time practicing the concepts in my book Zen-Sational Basketball Shooting will speed up your learning, but mental toughness doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process. You will find it necessary to put some energy into this way of being. In my opinion, the mental side of shooting a basketball approaches 100% of when you shoot after you are at a certain level of skill. Once your technique is solid, then you must practice the mental game somewhere close to 100% of the time.

Here Is Another Concept

That I Truly Believe To Be True.

 When you miss a shot, for example, (assuming you have a solid technique), it is a mental error, not a technique error and can be fixed mentally. And if you let me, I can help you learn how to do it. By reading my e-book, Basketball: A Mental Approach To Shooting or listening to my CD Secrets of the Mental Game of Basketball (which is the audio version of my e-book), you can really get started on the exciting path of playing the mental game.

In my book Becoming a Zen-Sational Basketball Shooter, I have made it easy for you to learn and play the mental game. Go to this page for the right steps to take to get “on the path.”

Well, there you have it. Buy my book Becoming a Zen-Sational Basketball Shooter, really believe that playing the mental game works, let go of winning and judgments, and work close to 100% of your time when you are shooting with your mental game, you will experience a whole new world.


You Will Not Get Angry,

 You Will Play More Consistently At A Higher Level,

You Will Make More Shots When The Game Gets Close,

 You Will Find That You Will Be Less Nervous,

 And You Will Feel So Much Better About Your Game.

 At the same time you are improving your basketball, you will find that you will enjoy playing much more. In fact, that is the comment I hear the most from my students.

Have fun and if you get my book Becoming a Zen-Sational Basketball Shooter , let me know how you are doing. If you want some personal coaching to help you to experience some of these concepts, contact me at or call me at 360 305-7084.