Introduction To the Basketball Mental Secrets



For Taking The 1st Step In Improving Your Basketball Shooting!

You are about to learn some concepts and techniques that will absolutely improve your shooting.

Please follow through and schedule a time for me to do an evaluation of your game. This will be essential to you in finding out what you need to do to move up to the next level and beyond. If you haven’t received an email from me within 3 days, please send me one requesting your evaluation.

However, there is one thing that you need to know. I am not going to give you any instructions on the mechanics of how to shoot. I will, however, give you some resources so that if you want to learn some “killer” approaches on how to shoot, you can explore them on your own. Here I will be giving you mental concepts and techniques only.

Before I get into the actual techniques, I need you to understand exactly what the mental game really is and how thinking (or not thinking) about winning fits into the picture.

So you will get two Lessons here. One on the mental game and one about winning. Just scroll down and please be sure to read both.

You will get the remaining lessons once a week for the next 8 weeks. I am spacing them out so that you will be able to focus on one at a time and I am hoping that you will have time during the week to work on them. Be sure to spend enough time with each lesson in order to get the most from them.

However, if you are a racehorse and can handle a huge amount of information in a shorter period of time, here are the links to all the lessons. The only thing I would ask is that you work on them in order.

David’s Basketball Lesson #1 & #2: What is the Mental Game Anyway (See below)

David’s Basketball Lesson #3: An Unknown But Powerful Technique: Breathing

David’s Basketball Lesson #4: An Undervalued Technique: Holding the Follow Through

David’s Basketball Lesson #5: The Arc Of Your Shots

David’s Basketball Lesson #6: Two Incredible Ways To Improve Your Shooting

David’s Basketball Lesson #7: Become A Smarter Player

David’s Basketball Lesson #8: Watch Out For Your Ego Mind

David’s Basketball Lesson #9: What’s Next For You

The above lessons are all that you will get for now. To get everything you need to know about the mental game, you will need to get my book, Becoming A Zen-Sational Basketball Shooter.

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David’s Information Lesson #4: Extraordinary Books to Help You Succeed in Life

Many people have had extraordinary results in their shooting when they have put these techniques into practice. So, please take them to heart and use them to see what kind of results you can get from them.

If you like what you are reading, you can get all this information and much more right now in my book Becoming A Zen-Sational Basketball Shooter. Check it out here. Or, to learn more about what I teach, go here.

David’s Basketball Lesson #1:

What is the Mental Game Anyway

The first order of business is to know what the mental game really is. Most people don’t really know what it is or how to work on it so to get started I have three questions that you need to ask yourself. Don’t worry if you can’t answer all the questions correctly. By the time you finish reading this, you will know all.

  • What % of the game do you think is mental?
  • What % of the time that you play and practice do you work on your mental game?
  • If you were going to work on your mental game, what is it and how would you work on it?

Most people say that the mental game is anywhere from 75 to 100% and most people answer that even though they feel that the game is this percentage, they don’t practice it anywhere close to it if at all.

On the last question, most people don’t have a clue or they give me some vague answer about what the mental game is.

This last question is the really important one because if you don’t know what the mental game is, how can you even begin to practice it.

Here is my definition:

The mental game is the relationship between your “conscious mind,” your “other than conscious mind,” and your body. It is your “conscious mind” which sets the goals then it gets out of the way and lets the “other than conscious mind” direct the body, which then shoots the ball.

The strength, direction, and quality of your outer skills are determined by this inner relationship. When you pursue and find this ideal mental state, you will be shooting and playing your very best.

An example is to be found when you think about how you drive a car. Your conscious mind has a huge purpose as it has to see where you are going so that you don’t hit any other cars, people, bicycles, etc. It also has to see where the road goes and needs to read the road signs if you need to find a particular street. However, when you steer the car, hopefully you don’t think about how you move the steering wheel and I know you don’t think about how your foot presses the gas pedal or the brake pedal. You just do it.

Well, playing basketball or any sport is no different. It is just more complicated. Because we have been taught that we must control our bodies so that we can shoot the ball into the basket, you may not have even thought about just letting your body function without conscious control.

Your conscious mind has a role to play but you need to learn how to get it out of the way when it comes to actually shooting. Please believe me when I tell you, your body is what shoots the ball and it knows far better how to do this than the conscious mind telling it how.

As a natural by-product, you will find that your enjoyment of your playing will be enhanced. This is because you will be calmer and more relaxed, and of course, you will be shooting better.

David’s Basketball Lesson #1:

Why I Don’t Want You To Try To Win & The Ultimate Goal

Do you think that winning is the ultimate goal? I hope not and if you do, I am hoping to change your mind. In the mean time, would you like to learn how your team can win every time it played?

If winning is your ultimate goal, then I have a deal for you. If I can tell you how your team can win every time it plays, and I can, do you think your team would pay me $10,000? No? OK, maybe winning is not that important so how about paying me only $1,000? Well, you can save your money because I will tell you how your team can win every time anyway, and for free.

In order to win every time, you just need to play a team with two year olds on it. If you can’t beat that team every time, then you are in really big trouble. You do know why you would win every time, right?

Maybe now you can begin to see that winning may not be a goal that will bring you the most satisfaction or pleasure even though winning can be a lot of fun and profitable if you are on a professional team. Before we talk more about what I believe is a better ultimate goal, let’s talk a little more about winning.

I have another trick question for you and let’s see if you can get the answer. I can tell you who has won every game that has ever been played, and I can tell you who will win every game that will be played in the future.

How can I make this statement?

Here is the answer: The team who plays better on that given day will be the winner. So, if your team plays better than your opponent today, you will win. Did you get the answer right?

The point of this is that winning will take care of itself, and if your team strives and learns to play at the top of their game and that “top” is better than your opponent, guess what, your team will automatically win. And if your team plays twice as well as it ever had but still loses the game, most likely your team will probably feel pretty good knowing that they played very well.

On an individual level, if you don’t like how well you played, then you need to figure out how you can play better in the future. This means that you will need to practice more of both the physical and the mental game.

So, how do you play at the top of your game? You will play your best by using the concepts I will teach you in these lessons and in my book Zen-Sational Basketball Shooting. Another way to say it is to spend more and more time figuring out how to get your conscious mind out of the way so your body can play its very best. If you think about it, your body is an extremely talented animal. Let it do its magic for you and you will never be sorry.

You will also find that when you practice these concepts, your body will learn faster and more easily. I can’t describe to you what this state of being feels like, but I can guide you so that you can begin to discover for yourself what it feels like and how to get there.

Let’s get back to the ultimate goal.

I believe the ultimate goal is for you to find out how to play your very best every time you play. This goal not only helps your team accomplish the other goal of winning but winning will happen automatically and without you thinking about it.

Thinking about winning when you are playing in a tight game is death and will not lead you very often to shooting your best.

Trying hard to win will not always lead you to shooting your best.

Trying to not lose doesn’t work that well either.

How many times have you seen your team or another team blow it in the last few minutes of a game? I don’t think the team blew it because they weren’t trying hard to win. I believe it is because they are focusing on winning instead of focusing on the things that they need to do to play well enough to win. I see this happen all the time.

Do you know why thinking about winning is not productive? Do you know how it affects your body? Thinking leads to trying which leads to tension which may lead to not shooting very well. Thinking about and doing what you need to do to shoot your very best is by far better and will lead to helping your team to win more games.

Did you know that U.C.L.A.’s famous basketball coach John Wooden never talked to his players about winning? He didn’t because he knew that focusing on winning was not the way to win. Only focusing on the things that help you play your best work.

Now, I do see, from time to time, some athletes when they try really hard, it works for them and they play better. These players are far and few between. If you are one of these players, then you may not get much out of the Core Principles I teach in my book. On the other hand, if you are like most of us, the harder you try, the worse it gets and this information I am presenting to you here will be your salvation, because you will learn how to “try” properly.

As I said earlier, the path to this state of being can be found in the Mental Game Core Principles. Mastering these Core Principles will be a lifelong process. You will be discovering things about yourself and your game for the rest of your basketball life. And who knows, maybe you will find some of these principles useful in other areas of your life as well.