I Believe There are no accidents!


I Believe There Are No Accidents!

And it’s certainly no accident you arrived at this web site…Here’s why…

I believe that at least some of the experiences mentioned above brought you here … the desire to play better … the desire to be a better batter or pitcher… the desire to be more than what you’ve been up to now!

The fact that you’re here reading this means you inwardly sense the gap between where you are now and where you truly want to be. Of course you want to better yourself and your results when you play baseball. Who doesn’t?

The Question Is HOW Do You Go About

Being The Kind Of Player You Truly Want To Be?

I Have Powerful and Proven Techniques and Concepts

That Will Help You Overcome All Of These Issues.

And I Guarantee It

Let Me Show You How These Powerful Techniques

Work, and How You Can Put Them To Work For You.

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Playing Zen-Sational Baseball

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Warning: The Information In My Book

Could Be Hazardous To Your Conscious Mind.

OK, I’m Just Having Fun With You, But When You Do These Techniques,

They Will Affect Your Conscious Mind.

Are You Ready For That?

I have made some pretty strong claims, and if I were you, I would be wondering …

Will These Incredible Concepts And Techniques

Really Improve My Hitting, Catching or Pitching

Or Is It Just A Bunch Of Hype?

Or, you may also be saying, “David is just saying this because he wants to sell you his book.” Because haven’t we both heard how important the mental game is and how this book or this person can “fix” your mental states so you can play like the greatest players in the world? Or about how they have gone to some fancy school and studied for three thousand years and learned all about mental toughness so they can show you how to be mentally tough?

Haven’t we been taught from an early age to try harder, work harder, and/or take more lessons, etc? That certainly worked for me up to a point.

But Maybe You, Like I Did So Many Years Ago,

Need To Explore A Different Way Of Playing.

One That Is Proven To Work Every Time.

One That Is Just Not Understood

Or Taught By Most Coaches.

When you use the “Core Principles” of the mental game of baseball, the sky is the limit. You will be surprised at how much better you will play and how much more mentally tough you will be.

I Have Written These Powerful Concepts and Techniques

Very Carefully To Make It Very Easy For You To Begin

To Experience These Concepts From

Just Reading My Book .


Do You Really Want To Reach Your Potential?

Read My Irresistible Offer & Guarantee



Playing Zen-Sational Baseball

Only $19.95 (free shipping)

My concern is, that without spending some time on your mental game you will continue to struggle to reach your full potential, if you get there at all.

And, Why Aren’t More Players

Using These Mental Game Principles?

This is a great question. The answer is: “I just don’t know.” Maybe no one has presented these ideas clearly and in such a way that they could truly experience what playing the mental game really means. Maybe, they just think they know what playing the mental game is.

Maybe you learned a few things about the Inner Game and that just gave you the general philosophical information like “Always Try Your Best” or “Just Do It” or “relax” or some other vague concept. Well, I will translate these vague concepts into very specific usable practices and show you exactly how to implement them.

Just understanding one or two simple concepts of the Mental Game can affect how you play dramatically and immediately.

Actually, there are more than one or two concepts and once you “get them ” and “use them”, they can affect your entire game in an amazing way.

But before we go on, there are some things you must know so you don’t think I am trying to fool you.

My Background Is In Tennis (See Below Or Go Here).

However, If You Think About It,

All Of The Basic Skills In Tennis

Can And Do Apply To Baseball.

Throwing is like serving, catching is a skill where you need to move your hand to where the ball is and batting is like returning serves that come at you up to 130 mph.

And, of course, the same mental concepts not only apply to baseball, but to any sport.

And, No, I Don’t Have A Degree In Sports Psychology,

but I have actually experienced what all of you have when you play. OK, maybe not in baseball but the mental problems that occur in baseball are the same as in tennis. And I genuinely care about helping you not only play much better and play up to your potential but have a lot more fun doing it.

But, really, how do you know I am not just some average person that really hasn’t been around the block? You would be right if you said that I have not played much baseball, but I have played a lot of tennis and as I have said earlier, there are many of the same actions in baseball as there are in tennis. Batting is like hitting a return of serve, throwing is like serving and catching is like hitting a ball that is coming to you, and catching a fly ball is like hitting an overhead.

Here Is My History (Read More Here)

As a junior tennis player (18 and Under), I was ranked nationally 6th in Singles and 3rd in doubles, represented the U.S. at Junior Wimbledon, played on the Junior Davis Cup team and played for the University of Southern California when we were National Champions.

I admit, I wasn’t a great player, but I was a good one.

And I Was Taught Like Most Athletes Are Taught.

So, How Did I Learn This Mental Stuff?

After years of playing Tennis with intense frustration, I discovered Tim Gallwey and The Inner Game of Tennis.

I Took Two Lessons from Tim when I was in my 30’s and that experience changed my life forever and set me on the path of playing the mental game. It was like the weight of the world was taken off my back.

It Was The Most Life Changing Experience

I Had Ever Had And In Literally 10 Minutes.

I then began to figure out what I needed to do to reach my full potential and teach what I learned to my students.

When You Practice What I Teach,

I Can Guarantee That You Will See

And Experience Results Immediately

With over 25 years of experience teaching the mental game of tennis, I’ve have adapted and developed concepts, drills, and strategies for baseball that are proven to take your game to higher levels by developing mental toughness faster than traditional approaches. And with this mental training, you will continue to progress for the rest of your life because you will discover things about yourself that you never knew before.

However, as easy as these concepts are to understand, it will still take work and time. And you will have to read my book or listen to the CD.

If you are still don’t believe that I can deliver on my promises: Read My Irresistible Offer & Guarantee



Playing Zen-Sational Baseball

Only $19.95 (free shipping)

If you need more information, please continue looking around my web site read about my background, more about The Mental Game and the Right Steps. E-mail me at david@pureperformancesports.com or call me at 360 305-7084 anytime (9:00am to 9:00pm Pacific Time) if you have any questions.

My personal instruction and my book, will change the way you play so that not only will your batting average and your fielding improve, but you will have more fun doing it. You will learn the secret of what seeing the ball really means, you will learn how to breathe, and best of all you will learn how to relax so playing will be so much more fun.

My book will give you very clear, step-by-step instructions on how to play the Mental Game.


Playing Zen-Sational Baseball

Only $19.95 (free shipping)

What you get when you order:

      • 8 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Scripts that will absolutely change your emotional patterns for when you play. This is a very powerful technique and cutting edge. (What is EFT?)
      • Free Phone Consultations

If you would like some help in actually experiencing these concepts, I can help you cut down on the time it takes for you to learn how to do these things and I can make sure you are really doing them the way they need to be done.

And, if you or any of your friends would like some personal help, please contact me at david@innerbaseball.com and let’s figure how to get together in person.

Or, just order my book and get started on an exciting new way to play the wonderful inner game of baseball.

Still Not Sure About All This “Mental Game” Stuff?

Then be sure to read “Is the Mental Game for You” to see if this is something you want to do and read “Mental Training Steps You need to Take to Play the Mental Game” so you will know what you may be getting into.

Since You Have Read This Far,

Don’t You Think It Is Time

For You To Start Your Mental Training

And To Really Begin To Play The Real Mental Game?

You Have Nothing To Lose And So So Much To Gain.

If you haven’t read my My Irresistible Offer & Guarantee yet, please do, as this should take away any doubt to the fact that what I am saying is going to work for you. Of contact me at david@pureperformancesports.com or 360 305-7084 if you have any questions.