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How To Prepare For Your Turn At Bat When Playing Baseball

11375504_sWhen I see players go to the on deck area, I see most batters swinging the bat in order to warm up. This is all well and good, but what else should you be doing?

Let’s take the warm up of swinging the bat first. What I see is the batter taking a practice swing in exactly the same place every time. Sometimes I see the batter practicing their swing for a ball that is way out of the strike zone. The ball doesn’t always go in the same place so what you need to do is to take a number of swings at different levels. Take a swing for a high ball, then a swing for a low ball, then take a swing for a ball that come down the middle of the strike zone. Make sure you are taking a full finish each time you swing.

The order doesn’t matter. You just want to vary your practice swings so that your body is ready to hit any ball no matter where it is. By taking your practice swings this way, you can feel what it’s like to swing at any ball no matter where it comes and your body will be ready when you get up to bat. Haven’t you seen a batter hit a ball that is outside the strike zone for a hit and sometimes for a home run? There is no reason that you can’t hit any ball with perfect contact no matter where it is unless it is way out of the strike zone.

While you are taking these practice swings, with perfect breathing of course, you can imagine yourself seeing the ball spinning perfectly to your bat, keeping your focus on the contact point for a short time and having the ball being hit where you want it to go. What you are doing is practicing taking a perfect swing at the ball no matter where it is: high, medium, or low and imagining perfect contact.

Watch the pitcher pitch as you take your practice swings. You can program yourself to see the ball leave the pitchers hand, look at the speed of the pitch and see how it is curving. You can practice exhaling properly also when the ball is thrown. Then when you get up to the plate, you will be truly prepared to bat.

One last thing. After you have programmed and visualized yourself hitting the ball with perfect contact, now that you are at the plate, the job of your conscious mind is to forget about hitting the ball (your body will do that for you) and just see the ball perfectly, keeping your focus on the contact point for a short time,and let yourself exhale just before the pitcher release the ball as you take a full finish. Trust that your “other than conscious mind” will make perfect contact with the ball when you see the right pitch coming at you.

If you are looking for more techniques for improving your batting, purchase my book Playing Zen-Sational Baseball. There you will get many more ideas as to how to improve your baseball play including throwing & catching so that you will make fewer errors.


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