David’s Additional Information

David’s Tennis Lesson #7:

Some Additional Information

Whether or not you have purchased my CD or book, I would like to point out some other ideas for you to either improve your tennis or some other parts of your life.

So, over the next few weeks (maybe even months) I will send you some more “stuff.”

Please remember that you can stop these e-mails anytime by unsubscribing. Just go to the bottom of the page where you found this link to see the unsubscribe link.

However, I hope you won’t unsubscribe as you might miss out on some really “cool” stuff.

The products and programs that I will be pointing out to you are, in my opinion, the best of the best. The thing that they all will have in common is that they have the potential to really improve your life in some way. Maybe even your tennis if you are lucky.

Just like my course, which you get with any purchase, will improve your tennis. Sorry, I just had to put that plug in again.

In this e-mail, I wanted to point out to you the books on tennis that I recommended you read.

If you will read and study them (even if you don’t buy my book or CDs), your tennis has to improve.

Tim Gallwey’s Book, The Inner Game of Tennis, is absolutely essential to understanding the mental game.

Ron Waite’s booklet Perfect Tennis will also help. Ron also has some terrific articles that he has written over the years. You can find them here. Just scroll down until you see Tennis Articles On the Mental Game by Ron Waite

Also, you see some other books on that page that might interest you.

For an overall information on how the game of tennis should be played, Tennis Mastery is a very impressive book. In it you get every aspect of tennis.

Now that you have your library filled with ideas on how to use your mind to improve your tennis, all you have to do is to act; buy, read, study, and use these ideas.