Contents of Audio CD’s

Contents of

Secrets of the Mental Game Of Tennis Audio CDs


Mental Game

On CD #1

Introduction to the Mental Game
About David Ranney And The Best Lesson I Ever Received
What You Will Learn When You Listen To These CD’s
Your Psychic Reading
Why You Should Play the Mental Game
What Is the Mental Game
The Ultimate Goal and About Winning
A Huge Issue That Is Damaging Your Game
The Core Principles of the Mental Game
Lesson # 1: Seeing the Ball
Lesson # 2: Breathing

On CD #2

Lesson # 3: Relaxation
Lesson # 4: Listening
Lesson # 5: What To Do When You Are Nervous
Lesson # 6: What To Do When You Get Angry With Yourself
Lesson # 7: What To Do When You Choke
Lesson # 8: What To Do When You Are Ahead In A Game Or Set
Lesson # 9: What To Do When You Play A Tie Breaker
Lesson # 10: What To Do When There Are Visual And/Or Noise Distractions
Lesson # 11: What to Do When You Play Better In Your Warm-Up Than You Do When the Game Starts
Lesson # 12: What to Do When You Miss Shots And How to Fix Them
Lesson # 13: What to Do When Your Whole Game Starts to Go Badly: The One Minute Method
Lesson #14: What to Do When You are In Between Points
Lesson # 15: What to Do When You Hit the Ball Off Center
Lesson # 16: How to Help Your Body Learn to Hit Accurately
Lesson # 17: How to Decide And Then Hit the Ball Where You Want It to Go
Lesson # 18: How to Hit the Return of Serve Into the Court

On CD #3

Lesson # 19: How to Warm Up For a Match
Lesson # 20: How to Aim the Serve
Lesson # 21: How to Hit Winners
Lesson # 22: How to Hit Running Balls
Lesson # 23: How to Think About and Deal With Your Weaknesses
Lesson # 24: How to Play at the Top of Your Game Every Time
Lesson # 25: How to Breathe When You are Playing Doubles
Lesson # 26: How to change Unproductive Thoughts
Lesson # 27: How to Play In Front Of Crowds
Lesson # 28: How to Know If You Are Playing The Mental Game Properly
Lesson # 29: Secrets of Winning the Mental Game and the Steps You Need to Take

On CD #4

Lesson # 30: The Difference Between Those Who Play The Mental Game And Those Who Don’t?
Lesson # 31: The Foundational Place
Lesson # 32: The Power of Visualization
Lesson # 33: Some Powerful Processes
Lesson # 34: Why Losing is Good
Lesson # 35: Why “Slow” Or “Easy” Balls Are Not Easy
Lesson # 36: What To Do When You Have A Question And Don’t Know The Answer
Lesson # 37: A Summary of What to Do When You Play Points, Games, or a Match
Some Final Thoughts

Working On Your Strokes And Other Aspects Of Tennis

 On CD #5

Lesson # 38: The Mother of All Tips
Lesson # 39: How to Give Yourself a Lesson Every Time You Play
Lesson # 40: Ground Stokes: A check List of Things to Practice
Lesson # 41: Serves: A check List
Lesson # 42: Volleys: A Checklist of Things to Practice
Lesson # 43: Books and Articles to Read

Strategy You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Lesson # 44: Consistency: The first and Last Resort
Lesson # 45: The Three Major Weaknesses and How You Can Exploit Them
Lesson # 46: How To Determine If Your Opponent’s Forehand Or Backhand Is Weaker
Lesson # 47: Why You Should Hit All Serve Returns Crosscourt
Lesson # 48: Where To Hit Your Lob
Lesson # 49: Why You Should Hit Your Overheads As Hard As You Can
Lesson # 50: If You Get A Short Ball
Lesson # 51: When You Serve A Let Ball On Your First Serve
Lesson # 52: A Basic Singles Strategy
Lesson # 53: A Basic Doubles Strategy

 Terrific Drills To Improve Both Your Tennis Game And Your Mental Game

On CD #6

Lesson # 54: You Need to Drill and How I Do It
Lesson # 55: How to Drill When No One Will Drill With You

Drill # 1: Seeing the ball Drill # 2: Paying attention to your breathing
Drill # 3: Combining Seeing the ball and Breathing
Drill # 4: Feeling and relaxing your strokes
Drill # 5: A Consistency Drill
Drill # 6: A Running Drill
Drill # 7: Another Running Drill
Drill # 8: Volley Drills
Drill # 9: The Return of Serve Drill
Drill # 10: The Lob and Overhead Drill
Drill # 11: The Second Generation Bounce Hit Game
Drill # 12: The Spinning Game
Drill # 13: The Trajectory Drill
Drill # 14: The Listening Game