Chuck Randall’s Point System

Chuck Randall’s Point System

Chuck was voted the Coach of the Century at Western Washington University. That pretty much says it all about what kind of basketball coach he was and about his record.

Chuck developed this point value system to help him determine not only who his starting 5 would be, but in recruiting players to his team. Although he did not follow his point value system 100% of the time, these stats were very important in helping win games.

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Below Is A Description Of How He Figured His Stats.

Without going into a long technical description as to how all the points are figured, I will give you the general ideas.

The player gets one point for the number of points scored with bonus points given if their shooting percentage is higher than 50% and have points taken away if the percentage is lower. The same is true for free throws except that the shooting percentage must be 75% or higher to get bonus points. Then you get 2X the number of Offensive rebounds, 1 point for every Defensive Rebound, 2X for Assists, 2X for blocks, and 2X for steals.

You get points deducted for Personal Fouls, 2X for every Turn Over.

If the player has less than 10 minutes of play time, the stats per minute is meaningless and it will not be figured.