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 Download My Action Plan

Download The 5 Foundational and Critical Lessons to get started immediately (Included in my book and on the CDs)

Download the mp3 files of Secrets of the Mental Game of Tennis

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Download CD#1

Download CD#2

Download CD#3

Download CD#4

Download CD#5

Download CD#6

 Download the Audio CD Track Table of Contents.

This pdf file will show you what is on each of the “real” CDs that you purchased.

Download the Script of Secrets of the Mental Game of Tennis

(This pdf file is also on CD #1)

Dick Leach Doubles Booklet

My Check List of Things to Practice

Tapping For Tennis


In my first book, I talk about the audio Beach CD by Dave Dobson. Unfortunately, Dave died a few years ago so his Beach CD is no longer available.