Basketball shooting tips

Pure Performance SportsI find it interesting that there doesn’t seem to be as much interest in learning how to shoot better as there seems to be in some of the other areas of basketball. Maybe I just don’t see these articles. Maybe coaches just don’t know how to help their players improve their shooting except by having them go out and spend time shooting hundreds of balls. However, this article from break through is excellent and I would highly recommend that you read it and work on the basketball shooting tips presented there.

I am also gratified to see that the basketball shooting tips and techniques correspond to the basketball shooting lessons that I have in my book, Zen-Sational Basketball Shooting. They have some thoughts on shooting that I don’t have in my book. Likewise, I have some thoughts on shooting they have not written about so if you read the 21 tips in the article below and read the basketball shooting lessons in my book, Zen-Sational Basketball Shooting, you will be on your way to becoming a great basketball shooter.

Also in my book you will get many more concepts and techniques that go beyond just shooting. In the meantime, you can get a simple report on 6 of what I call Critical Shooting Principles and/or get a complimentary evaluation of your basketball shooting. Just click here to get them.

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