Basketball Lesson #6

David’s Basketball Lesson #6:

Two Incredible Ways To Improve Your Shooting

I don’t know if you have gone the extra mile and purchased my book Zen-Sational Basketball Shooting, but you absolutely should take a look at this program to improve your shooting. This program combined with my techniques and concepts will give you absolutely everything you will need to excel at shooting a basketball.

I put this program on the right side of all my lessons so that maybe you would take a look at it at the very least. You will not find a better way of shooting anywhere. It is easy to follow and practice. Please consider it.

The Swish Approach To Shooting
By Tom Nordland

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The Swish approach to shooting is unique and very effective. It’s in many ways different from how this skill is normally taught, and that is a good thing. Few players in this country can shoot well any more, and the fault lies partly in how it’s coached.

“Swish is both a great technique of shooting (it describes how the great shooters have always done it) and a way to coach it, both to yourself and for others. It breaks down shooting into its simple, basic parts and then shows you how to put it back together.



Discover The Proven Technique That Provides The

Quickest & Smoothest Release Possible!

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“Rick Penny is the purest shooter I have seen at any level. He has developed a shooting video that can benefit
anyone who seriously wants to learn how to shoot, quickly and efficiently. His explanations are simple and
understandable. I certainly recommend this video … It is very effective and reasonably priced.”

Coach Jerry Stone

Won National Championship at Midland College

(Coached NBA players Spud Webb and Mookie Blaylock)

Is There A Better Way To Shoot?

YES!  What trend do you see in NBA & College games today? Declining shooting percentages, right?
We know athletes are now bigger and stronger than in the past, so why are percentages going down?
There is something fundamentally wrong with the shooting techniques we see in the game today!