Basketball Lesson #5

David’s Basketball Lesson #5:

The Arc Of Your Shots

Did you know that the arc of your shot is really really important? Do you know that your ball should be traveling about 6 to 8 feet above the rim?

Do you know why this is important?

There are three reasons (maybe more) why this is important. First of all, the speed of the ball as it comes off the peak of the trajectory is slower, therefore creating a softer bounce off the rim (unless it is a swish) which may in turn lead to the ball actually going in.

The second reason is that if you are shooting higher from your arm, it becomes harder for your opponents to block your shot. They also must be closer to your body and therefore more apt to foul you.

But the main reason is that the hole (the rim) is hugely bigger when the ball is traveling more straight down rather than at a flatter angle. So, do the math. If the hole is bigger, guess what. You don’t have to be as accurate in order to have your ball go in.

So, how do you practice this? Just pay attention to how high up your ball goes and see what up angle your arm must go in order to have the ball go at a higher arc. Then practice, practice, practice until it become easy and natural and you can get your desired arc without thinking.

For more precise instruction on your shooting, take a look at the Swish method and/or Rick Perry’s One Motion Shooting. These techniques of shooting will blow you away.