Basketball Lesson #3

David’s Basketball Lesson #3:

An Unknown But Powerful Technique: Breathing

I am hoping that you have read the 1st and 2nd Lesson I sent to you a week ago. If not, please take the time now. It important because it sets up the philosophy behind shooting.

In this lesson you will learn something that you won’t hear anywhere else. It is a very powerful technique but you absolutely have to work on it. Just about all my student s say it is the most difficult things to do when they are playing, but it can be the most incredible one you will do.

Here is a story about this breathing. A person I know has a son who will be playing for Western Washington University Varsity Basketball team.

Unfortunately, he had some knee issues and has had to red shirt a year. Anyway, when I was watching him practice, I noticed that he was holding his breath when he shot.

I told his dad about this and ask the dad to tell his son about breathing when he shoots. His son told his dad that breathing had nothing to do with anything so his dad just accepted that his son was not interested in trying it.

Well, a few days later his son told him that when he breathed when he shot he just couldn’t miss.

This is an extreme case and obviously an exaggeration, but you also may see extreme improvement if you will do this lesson.

This is just one of a number of concepts and techniques that will really help you shoot well. Get them all now in my book Becoming A Zen-Sational Basketball Shooter.

In the next lesson, I will show you another greatly undervalued but also powerful technique. This will come in 7 days so, in the meantime, you can practice this lesson on breathing.

An Unknown But Powerful Technique: Breathing

Do you know what the second most important thing to focus on and maybe even the first most important thing to focus on when shooting? I will bet that you that you didn’t even have breathing in your list of things that you considered. Am I wrong?

After focusing perfectly on the hook, the second most important thing to focus on is your breathing. Hook? What is that? You will have to get my book Becoming A Zen-Sational Basketball Shooter to know that concept. It is another really important and critical one.

For many of you, exhaling may be the most important thing to do as I am willing to bet that most of you have never even considered this aspect of what to do when shooting. A relaxed exhale is so important because when you breathe properly it keeps the upper body more relaxed, thereby allowing your body to shoot better.

If any of you have taken a yoga class, you will know that breathing is a big part of getting the full benefit from it. Basketball is no different except that you will be using the breathing to stay in the here and now, as well as using it to help you learn how to keep your “conscious mind” out of the way. And, like yoga, working with your breathing helps you relax properly.

Proper relaxation when shooting is very important and breathing is the most important part of this relaxation package. I will discuss more of the other part of the relaxation package in my book. However, you will need to work on the breathing part as much as on focusing on seeing the hook.

The next time you shoot, begin by just being aware of how you breathe as you are shooting. Check to see if you are holding your breath when you release the ball. Without this ability to consciously pay attention to yourself breathing, it will be difficult to work on changing your breathing pattern in the way I describe below.

Once you have the ability to pay attention to your breathing, you can start working on the quality and rhythm of it. Here is what I consider to be the most effective and natural breathing pattern while shooting.

Start your exhale before you release the ball. This exhale should be a sigh that is long, slow, and relaxed and should continue until the ball contacts the rim, backboard or net. You don’t have to concern yourself with your inhales as I guarantee that you will do it.

Exhaling as you release the ball is a very natural way to breathe, so all you have to do is start your exhale before you release the ball, make it smooth and relaxed, and make it longer than usual. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

There are three important points to remember. First, no matter what shot you are taking, the exhale should always be very relaxed and is not a forceful blow or exhale. It should actually be a sigh. Second, you should start the exhale before releasing the ball, and third, you should continue exhaling until the ball hits the net, rim or backboard.

Staying focused on the hook and breathing at the same time is not easy. It takes a lot of work and a lot of letting go.

It will also be difficult to stay with the breathing when you are driving to the basket and your opponent (or the whole team) is in your face and maybe even fouling you. But if you can stay with your breathing even under those conditions, you just may find yourself making the basket even though you get fouled big time.

Just because it may be hard to do, please don’t let that keep you from working on your breathing. The results will make it worth the effort.

By now you should be beginning to see some of the benefits from exhaling as you shoot. If you haven’t noticed any improvement, you may need to contact me so I can determine what is going on. My phone # is 360 305-7084 or e-mail me at

Just because it may be hard to do, please don’t let that keep you from working on your breathing. The results will make it worth the effort.