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“Get My 6 Inner Most Mental Secrets On How You Can Improve Your Basketball Shooting Immediately For Free and Schedule a Complimentary, No Obligation Evaluation Of Your Baseball Game also for free.”





And, I am talking about improving your basketball shooting immediately. Not in 6 months, not next week, but right now.

OK, maybe I lied. You will first have to spend a little time reading the information first. But then, the next time you play, you will see improvement in your shooting as soon as you implement these concepts. Improvement that will continue as you get better implementing these secrets.

These ideas and techniques are just freakin’ awesome… AND I will email them to you right now!

This first Lesson will give you some foundational concepts that will help you to understand the next 3 Lessons. In these 3 Lessons you will get three very powerful techniques that will blow you away.



After You Sign Up, I Will Email You

To Schedule Your Complimentary Evaluation.


This evaluation will include a customized plan to help you improve any mental (or physical) issues you may have with your shooting. I even have a few suggestions on how you can improve your defense.

Don’t have any issues but just want to improve? No problem. I can still help you reach the next level.

If you were to take a private lesson from me, you would be paying $200+ to learn these 4 lessons. so, why am I giving them to you?

I Am Glad You Asked.

After I evaluate your game and design a custom program for you incorporating these concepts, you will see an immediate and sometimes a spectacular improvement in your shooting. Then I am betting that you will then want to upgrade to my book, Becoming a Zen-Sational Basketball Shooter so that you can continue your journey on reaching your potential as a player. And, maybe even take a private lesson or two, assuming that you live in Washington, Oregon, or California.

Click on the button below to begin this journey of playing the Mental Game right now. Then you will get all 6 Lessons immediately…..


OK, I lied again. You actually will get 8 Lessons from me plus some additional ideas and thoughts from time to time. These last few emails will be a surprise as to the content.

Not sure about all this “stuff?” Just schedule a no obligation, complimentary evaluation and get first hand information on what you can do to improve. It doesn’t get any easier than that, does it?

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