Baseball Lesson #8

What’s Next For You

OK, you should have received all of my critical lessons on how to use your mind to play better baseball and by now you should be playing much better.

Is this true for you? Because if it isn’t and you are not playing better, then you need to call me so that we can find out why.

You also received information on some other books that I feel will also help you play better. These are Play Big, The Inner Game of Tennis, and The Mental Game of Baseball. Did you take a look at them?

So what is next for you?

In the lessons I have sent you, I have given you the most critical ones but there is a lot more “stuff” you need to know and practice.

The only place you are going to get it is with my book Playing Zen-Sational Baseball

From my way of thinking getting this book is crucial to you in order to keep on improving your play.

You can get it for just $19.95

Here is what you get in my book

  • The Core Principles of the Mental Game
  • 30 lessons on how to hit, throw, and catch better using your mind and body together to reach your potential.

In addition you will get:

  • The course which is over six months of Lessons delivered by e-mail every week.
  • 8 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Scripts that will absolutely change your emotional patterns for when you play. This is a very powerful technique and cutting edge. (What is EFT?)
  • Free Phone Consultations

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Have You Read My Guarantee Yet?

If not, please do so now here.

I Challenge You To Find

A Better Guarantee Anywhere On The Planet.

I will give you all your money back (including tax if any) if at any time you don’t think what I am given you is valuable. And I do mean anytime. No 30, 60, or 90 days to try it out. Not even a year. Anytime! Just let me know you want your money back and you keep the book. All I ask is that you give my stuff a shot.


Do You Really Want To Reach Your Potential?

 It is now up to you.

My Concern Is,

That Without Continuing to Spend More Time

On Your Mental Game

You Will Continue To Struggle

To Reach Your Full Potential,

If You Get There At All.

Stop Fooling Yourself

And Don’t Believe

What Your Conscious Mind Is Telling You.

This stuff works but only if you use it. And guess what? The learning never stops. You will keep on learning about how to play better as you do the lessons and exercises.

So, What Is Keeping You

From Buying The Book?

I know you are not happy with your play or you wouldn’t have gotten these lessons.

I am giving you the best guarantee on the planet so there is no risk financially and I am giving you a great price on my book with no shipping.

All You Need To Do Is To Order.

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