Baseball Instruction: Pitching, Hitting, Fielding

Pure Performance SportsThe three short videos you should watch are listed below. It is important to understand the science behind these things. That being said, the most misunderstood part of these videos is how is it possible for the human body to do these things? The fact that the human body can even do these things is pretty incredible. The next logical question to ask is, “How do we learn to do these things?” Much can be done through just hours and hours of practice and the old saying, “Practice makes perfect comes to mind.

And there are players who seem to be able to pitch, hit, field better than most just by spending hours and hours practicing. But what if we knew how to facilitate these learning processes? What if we had tools, concepts, and techniques that would allow a player to improve at a much faster rate and maybe even achieve a level of play that he/she never dreamed of?

For me, the better saying is “Perfect practice makes perfect”and this is where my book Playing Zen-Sational Baseball comes into play. In this book, I give you very specific baseball instruction, tools and techniques that will accelerate learning so that you can become the best player possible in the shortest period of time.

I won’t be giving you any of these techniques here so you will have to get my book in order to find out what they are. However, there is no risk to you because I have the best guarantee on the planet. If at any time you feel that you are not getting value from my concepts, all you need to do is email me saying you would like a full refund and with no hassles, I will give you all your money back and you get to keep the book.

In addition to getting the book, I will do a complementary evaluation of your baseball play. This evaluation will be important for you because I will be able to spell out and give you a specific program of the things you need to practice and do to improve. In fact, you don’t even need to purchase my book to get this evaluation. Just email me and let me send you the 4 Inner Most Mental Secrets on how you can improve your baseball game immediately for free.

Please watch the videos below, get my book, Playing Zen-Sational Baseball so you can get started now on improving your baseball game, and/or sign up to get your complimentary, no obligation evaluation and the 4 Inner Most Mental Secrets.

Looking forward to meeting you on the phone and possibly in person.

The Physics of Baseball: Pitching

The Physics of Baseball: Hitting

The Physics of Baseball: Fielding

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