Are You Really Serious About Your Mental Baseball Game?

Are You Really Serious About Your Mental Baseball Game?

Here Are The Steps

You Need To Take

Read below to learn how the most efficient way:

Really Commit To Playing The Mental Game

and make it important to you at this time in your baseball life.


Read My Book Playing Zen-Sational Baseball

Once A Month For 12 Months

or until you really know each lesson well and then read it every six months after the first year.

I know, you are saying to yourself that I just wants to sell his book to make money. If you really knew me, you could not even begin to believe that. My goal is to help you play the best you can and I sincerely believe that having my book to refer to is critical..

Every Time You Are At Bat,

Every Time You Catch A Ball,

Every Time You Throw A Ball,

Every Time You Are Standing In the Field

work on some aspect of your mental game.

Don’t just mindlessly go through the motions.

Every Time You Play Or Practice,

Make The Core Principles Of the Mental Game

The Most Important Thing You Do.

These Core Principles are the first, last, and end all of playing the mental game. All the other lessons are just explanations of the mental state you must be in to actually do these Core Principles.

Realize That Playing The Mental Game

Is A Life Long Process.

Give it a chance by making it important and truly applying yourself.

So, There You Have It.

It is now up to you. I hope you go for it and get my book as it is truly a better way to play this wonderful game of baseball.

Contact me if you have any questions at or 360 305-7084. I am here to help you.