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Welcome to the Peace & Love Web Site

This web site is based on the teachings of God as told to Neale Donald Walsh in his Conversations with God (CWG) books and the other books in which he has Conversations With god. Our web site is also about spreading this word of God to anyone who wants to learn, see, or read these words of God and to be inspired.

Also on this web site are lots of just plain wisdom and inspiration by a wide variety of people.

Wait! Before you think,

“OH NO another ‘New Age’ web site”,


“I am not interested in learning anything new about ‘Peace and/or Love’ “,

PLEASE read this next paragraph and/or click here to read about Our Vision.

Yes, our web site is based on a belief in God. If you have read the CWG Books, then you will know that God does not tell you how to live your life. You will not be “dammed” or “go to hell” if you don’t “do what God (according to most other religions) tells you to do. Yes, God in the CWG Books gives you a guideline on how to “be” but you get to “choose.”  It doesn’t matter if you believe it is God talking in the CWG Books, but the question to ask is “can you think of a better way to live?” You see, it is about being happy and living in such a way that lets you be in charge of your life and all God does is to give you the “tools.” “Do you have the courage to expose yourself to some new thoughts on the subject of God, even if you think that you may not agree with them?’ – Pg 64, CWG – The New Revolution

Below is the list of Books By Neale Walsch. This is about how God would like us to live our lives. Click Here for all the books by Neale Walsch.

Conversations With God, Book 1

Conversations With God, Book 2

Conversations With God, Book 3

Communion With God