About David’s Basketball Experience

 About David’s Basketball Experience


I played first string on the Jr Varsity basketball team in high school when I was a junior, but I didn’t even try out for the varsity team when I was a senior because I needed to concentrate on my tennis. So, as far as actually playing that was about it.

 I Taught Tennis To A Very Good Basketball Player

 However, when I lived in Victoria, B.C., I played tennis with a fellow who was one of the best, if not the best, basketball players in Victoria. He was good friend and I wasn’t teaching tennis for money in those days but I did spend a lot of time working with him on his tennis. He then took what I taught him in tennis and used it when he played basketball. Needless to say, he found the concepts I taught very valuable.

I also had another friend whose young daughter was a good basketball player and I worked with her on some things. Her dad then worked with her a lot on the concepts I taught. Again, she found them valuable.

Before I printed my book , I had both my friend in Victoria and my friend’s daughter read over my script to make sure that I wasn’t making any obvious errors. They both thought that what I was saying was right on the mark.

 Here Is What Chuck Randall, Coach of the Century

At Western Washington University Had To Say

 I just recently had my friend Chuck Randall read my book. Chuck was voted “Coach of the Century” at Western Washington University for his time as coach of the mens basketball team. Again, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t get anything wrong.

 Anyway, He Really Liked What I Had Written

 Over the last few years, I have worked with some of the Western Washington University men and women’s varsity players with their shooting. All have said that my concepts are valuable.

So, I am confident that even though I don’t have a lot of experience in the baseball arena,

 The Concepts That I Will Present To You Will, In Fact,

Help You To Improve Your Shooting.

I Guarantee it .