A Tennis Lesson To Make Your Stroke Consistent And Perfect

The way to tell if a tennis player is good, is to ask the question, “Do they take the same stroke every time?” Below is one terrific way to make your stroke consistent.

You will do this by taking a proper shadow stroke. When you do a shadow stroke, it is critical that you do it perfectly. Don’t just go through the motions.

When you do your shadow stroke, not only must the stroke be perfect, but you must do the stroke with perfect breathing, perfect seeing the blur of the racket as it passes through your imaginary hitting point, having a very relaxed grip, taking a full and perfect finish, and visualizing the imaginary ball going into the court the way you would like it. If you don’t do all of these things every time you take your shadow stroke, you will be losing a terrific opportunity to speed up the changes and the learning you want to happen.

In addition to the above, you need to take a number of your shadow strokes pretending that you are hitting a high ball, a waist high ball, and a low ball. You will also want to take some very slow and relaxed swings, some medium but relaxed swings, and some very fast but relaxed swings. When you take the fast swings, please guard against tensing up your breathing and having a tight grip. Your breathing and your grip should be relaxed during the entire swing regardless of how fast or slow you swing.

As an aside, if you will spend a minimum of five minutes per day going through all of your strokes (forehands, backhands, serves, forehand volleys, backhand volleys, and overheads) you will see a huge difference in the consistency of your strokes in a very short time.

The key to maximizing the benefit of these shadow strokes is to make sure that you are taking a perfect stroke. If you are not 100% clear on how to take the perfect stroke without the ball, you need to find a good teaching pro that specializes in stroke production. Obviously, if you take incorrect strokes when doing your shadow stroke, this incorrect stroke will be what you will be doing when you hit a ball.

So do your tennis game a huge favor and religiously spend some time doing these shadow strokes. You won’t regret it.

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