7 Awesome Steps To Get You Out Of A Batting Slump


  1. Panic. If you start hyperventilating, breathe into a paper bag.
  2. Try harder to hit the ball. Swing at everything.
  3. Get really angry with yourself and throw the bat after striking out.
  4. Start blaming everyone and everything for causing you not to be able to hit the ball.
  5. Start thinking hard about your swing, how you are standing etc.
  6. Go into a batting cage and hit 10,000 balls (or at least swing at them).
  7. When none of this works, go back to #1.

Hopefully, you are laughing at these ridiculous solutions for getting you out of your batting slump. Obviously, these steps don’t work, but if you have ever been in a batting slump, how many of them have you experienced? They didn’t work, did they? So let’s see if we can develop some tools that will truly work.

The 1st thing you need to do is to give up trying to hit the ball. I know that doesn’t make sense but let me explain. When I say you need to give up trying to hit the ball, I mean that your conscious mind needs to get out of the way. If you will think about it, nobody on this earth knows how to make contact with the ball. Nobody knows exactly what muscles to use or where the bat needs to be to hit the ball. So who does know? It is your body. So if you are in a batting slump you need get your conscious mind out of the way, turn over control to your body and let it hit the ball for you.

There is, however, a place for the conscious mind. It needs to be focusing on the ball and allowing the body to be relaxed. When the body is relaxed that means the conscious mind is out of the way so the body can do its thing.

Let’s get back to seeing the ball for a moment. In order for you to get your conscious mind out of the way of consciously trying to hit the ball, the conscious mind does need to focus properly on the ball. That means that you must consciously see the ball spinning as it comes to you and make sure you follow it all the way to your bat. If you do miss the ball you need to determine whether you missed it by swinging over the ball or under the ball. And if you see a pattern of where you are missing the ball, then you need to visualize and give your body permission to make the minor adjustments in your swing. I know this is pretty general but I give you more specific instruction in my book Playing Zen-Sational Baseball.

Notice I did not say anything about changing your swing. If you spend your time thinking about changing your swing, trying hard to hit the ball etc. etc., your slump will continue longer.

Also notice that I didn’t say that you had to change your attitude. You don’t need to talk yourself into having more confidence, talk yourself into being more positive, tell yourself that you can do it or any of the other mental ideas that you hear people talk about in order to get out of a slump. You just need to give up trying to get the ball by focusing on the ball, staying relaxed, and letting your body figure out how to hit it.

As I said earlier, there is a little more to hitting the ball and I won’t go into here, but again, the information can be found in my book Playing Zen-Sational Baseball.

So go here and order my book. My book is completely guaranteed so if you feel it didn’t work, it doesn’t work, didn’t help you improve your baseball, or any other reason, just let me know and I will refund 100% of your money.

Now go get my book and start getting more hits.







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