25% Discount on my Books

LogoTestI am really excited about my new website PurePerformanceSports.com. As you may know, I have published four books: Tennis: Play the Mental Game, Playing Zen-Sational Tennis, Becoming a Zen-Sational Basketball Shooter, & Playing Zen-Sational Baseball. All of these books focus on how to play better using powerful mental techniques I have developed. Using them will enable you to be more mentally tough and help you play up to your potential.

Up to now I had four websites but now I have combined everything into one comprehensive website. In addition to tennis, baseball, and basketball, I have incorporated some other things that interest me into this new website.

One important subject that I feel strongly about is health. To that end I have included in PurePerformanceSports.com a page called Extraordinary Health Products. As the name suggests, these are powerful products to keep you healthy!

I also have a section on Wealth. These are all people who I know personally and have done business with. I do not recommend them lightly and they are all outstanding in their field.

I would like you to help celebrate my new website by offering you a 25% discount on any of my books. To get this discount, please enter “25% OFF” in the coupon box. I will keep this discount available until the end of February. I am sorry, but this offer will not be available for sales outside of the United States and Canada.

Also, if you like anything about my new website, I would appreciate it if you would “like” it if you are on Facebook or Google + and/or share it or make a comment.

Thank you so much for your support.

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