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Patrick’s Snow’s 25th Best-Seller Publishing Institute Seminar

imagesThis was the second time I attended one of Patrick Snow’s Best-Seller Publishing Institute Seminar. Sounds boring, doesn’t it? Let me tell you it is far from it. The thing that struck me at both of the seminars I attended was the quality of people Patrick attracts as his clients. Yes, all of them are authors whether or not they have actually published books yet but they are all incredible people in their own right and it was an honor for me not only be in their presence but to be able to get to know them and learn what their gift to the world is.

The way Patrick’s organizes the 3 day event makes it possible for us to get to know each and every one. And just about every one of them has something important to give to the world either through their books, through their coaching and/or speaking.

What is interesting and so different about have Patrick as your book publishing coach is that once you become a client, you are a client for life and are able to attend any and all of his seminars free forever. Well, maybe not forever as I don’t think we live that long, do we.

If any of you that are reading this are considering writing a book but don’t know how or need help in marketing your book as I did, you will not find a more talented, knowledgeable and caring coach. Go to Patrick’s, web site to learn more and then contact him to hire him as your coach and get your book published in record time.

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